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Editing and Book Doula Services

Testimonials coming!

I have studied, analyzed, and written about literature in depth for the past 38 years and I love to help my clients deepen their writing, tweak, tighten and organize their prose, and expand the lungs and meaning of their stories. You can find out more about my own writing—both academic and creative—here.


What is a book or story doula anyway?


I define a book doula as a professional who gives practical, emotional, and informational support to their author client in their creative journey. That may be from the inception of a story/project—talking through ideas, planning & development, editing, and publishing—as well as what comes after the birth and "delivery" of the project (such as marketing, events, thinking about what's next, etc.).


It does not mean I do the work for you, but that I am there as a support partner through what might be fears, doubts, stress, or frustration (and also the excitement and joy!) which are all natural part of the creative process.  

I am a compassionate, nurturing, and open-minded literary/creative teacher and guide, so if you are looking for someone to assist you on a more holistic level in your creative journey, let's talk!  


Send me an email at if you are interested to learn more about these services. 

What do you mean by "editing services"?


I do everything from line-edits to developmental edits, and especially love to help writers tell their story more effectively through vivid language, rich sensory images, and a tight, mindful prose. 


If you would like to see if my style of editing works for you, I am happy to edit up to 1000 words as a trial for a one-time fee of $50.  

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